SUZHOU LANScientific Co.,Ltd. is a provincially recognized high-tech enterprise that manufactures, produces and sells portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer across the world. LANScientific employs a professional X-ray fluorescence team to design, develop, manufacture, sell and service X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, contributing to a rising sci-tech entity with great technical strength,up-to-date technology, innovative service concepts and advanced management philosophy. LANScientific’s major product, i.e., X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, is applicable to any fields that elements or compounds from Na to U are to be analyzed. It is suitable for analysis in building materials (cement, glass, ceramics), metallurgy(steel, and non-ferrous metals), petroleum (trace elements such as S, Pb, etc.), chemistry, geological mining, to commodity inspection, quality inspection and trace elements analysis of human body.LANScientific has developed a business value that meeting customers′needs and providing them with advanced and cost-effective solutions is their first priority. As LANScientific is expanding its market horizon across the globe, we believe the portable spectrometers will meet more customers needs in even broader areas in the future.

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