Mercury exists in various natural forms globally, and people have been familiar with it throughout the history of human development. Mercury was used as a pigment and a miracle drug for immortality in old times and in clinical thermometers and fluorescent lamps until quite recently. It is a unique metal that has been used in various ways by exploiting its distinctive properties.

Human beings have made effective use of mercury throughout history but they have been exposed to the threat posed by it due to its poisonous properties when misused. Minamata disease in Japan resulted in a tremendous number of victims and health damage in the 1960s, and there are still a number of patients suffering its aftereffects.

Since first being established in 1978, Nippon Instruments Corporation has specialized in analyzing mercury. Efforts to control mercury and prevent the spread of any damage to human health resulting from mercury have just commenced on a global basis but mercury will be present. This has led to an increasing awareness of the significance of accurately measuring and controlling mercury.

We, Nippon Instruments Corporation, are committed to making a contribution to customers through mercury measurements and under the corporate philosophy of “Contribute to the Development of Human Society through Advances Made in Scientific Technology”.

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