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Confocal Raman Microscopy & Dark Field Plasmon Spectrum Mapping System.

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  • Up to three excitation wavelength available.
  • < 1㎛ x, y spatial resolution and < 2㎛ depth resolution with true confocal design.
  • Fully motorized system.
  • The FEX can be easily integrated in most upright and inverted microscopes. (Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Carl Zeiss and etc.) It can be possible to integrate with overall microscopy performance such as fluorescence, dark-field and DIC imaging.


Aberration Corrected Spectrograph

  • Aberration corrected design based asymmetric Czemy-Turner with diffraction optics
  • Excellently aberration corrected over the whole pixels on CCD array
    • RMS spot radius on the CCD < 10㎛​
  • Excellently improved throughput and resolution compared to traditional Czerny-Turner spectrograph
  • Best performance for low light application such as Raman spectroscopy

 Motorized Pinhole

  • To make sure optimizing confocality, confocal pinhole must be precision controlled in micron scale
  • Optimized 1 airy unit with continuous variable confocal pinhole
  • This leads to a xy-axis spatial resolution improvement as well as along the z-axis optical direction
  • Step size : 10㎛, Range : 30㎛ to 500㎛

Fast Mapping

  • Fast mapping function is able to offer many advantages to the user
  • It is possible to use readout times as short as around 10㎳ per spectrum
    • Depending on CCD model line; lower is possible too​

Wide Range Mapping

  • There are no limits to mapping area imposed by the objective FOV
  • From micro area to macro area with micro spatial resolution
  • Max range : 75㎜ x 50㎜
    • Depending on sample stage model​

Interchangeable Grating – High Accuracy

  • Interchangeable grating under software control based automated calibration
  • Our interchangeable grating turret can be easily exchanged within less than 1 min
  • No need any realignment of the instrument during grating interchanging procedure
  • No number of selectable gratings limit​
  • 1200 gr/㎜ grating, measured Neon lines from calibration standard lamp
  • FEX has relatively very high RMS calibration error compared to normal Czerny-Turner spectrograph (erroror average <​ 0.2㎚)


Laser module

  • Multiple excitation lasers
    • Up to 3 lasers : 325nm, 488nm, 514.5nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm, etc.
  • Power control
    • Includes 11 steps motorized ND filter controller
  • Laser filter selector
    • Motorized 3-positioning laser filter selector


  • Feature
    • Adop aberration corrected spectrograph for high-throughput and efficiency
    • On-axis and interchangeable grating turret design
  • Spectral resolution
    • 1.5cm-1 per CCD pixel @1800gr/mm
    • 2.3cm-1 per CCD pixel @1200gr/mm 532nm laser


  • Objective
    • 20X Mplan (NA=0.4, WD=1.2mm)
    • 100X Mplan (NA=0.9, WD=0.15mm)
    • Spatial resolution : below 1 micron (x, y)
  • Confocal Pinhole
    • Optimized 1 airy unit with continuous variable confocal pinhole
    • This leads to a xy spatial resolution improvement as well as along the optical axis (z-direction)
  • Imaging
    • White light Koehler illuminator, 3M CMOS camera

TE cooled CCD

  • Pixel size
    • 26 x 26㎛
  • Active pixels
    • 1024 x 127
  • BVF (Back illuminated CCD) or FI (Front illuminated CCD)

Motorized microscope xyz stage

  • Travel range
    • 76 x 50nm
  • Resolution
    • 50nm (X/Y), 2nm (Z)
  • Mapping speed
    • 50 x 50 pixels < 1min (exposure time 0.01s)

Computer interface

  • Through single USB connector, some accessories may require additional USB and RS232 ports

Fiber port

  • Optional for adding external laser

Physical dimensions

  • 480mm(W) x 470mm(D) x 160mm(H)

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