Thermo Plus EVO2

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STA/HUM-1, Humidity Controlled STA (TG-DTA).

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The compact humidity generator is connected to the TG-DTA for measurements under water vapor atmosphere with a constant relative humidity. Equipped with a polymer type humidity sensor and high precision temperature sensor, its response to various water vapor concentrations is quick and stability for longer measurement is realized. It enables the user to perform heating under a constant relative humidity. For standard furnace, it can measure from dry to 90%RH at ambient temperature; and from dry to 90%RH using the specialized furnace at ambient to 60°C through the circulator temperature control.

Humidity is known to have a significant influence on the stability of many materials. In many industrial applications ambient temperatures and humidity have a major impact on the quality of products and processes. Defective installations or production facilities, such as switchboards, electronically controlled machines and drives, damaged electrical equipment or electrical interference can cause damages, interruptions and quality losses that result in financial and/or material losses.

Additional information

Humidity generation method

Bubbling bath/ dry gas combination method

Humidity range

Ambient to 60°C, up to 90% RH

Humidity sensor

Polymer type relative humidity sensor

Temperature measurement element

Pt resistance temperature sensor

Duration for continuous humidity generation

60°C, 90% RH for 100 hrs continuously