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Atmospheric mercury analyzer that adopts Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS) for the detector to achieve ultra-high sensitivity


Widely complies with overseas official analytical method by adopting CVAFS

The WA-5F adopts atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS) as its detector to ensure measurement with even higher sensitivity (detection lower limit 0.1pg) than its sister equipment WA-5A. This equipment complies with various overseas official analytical methods.

Based on the double-amalgamation method of the previous model, its design was totally renewed. The WA-5F is equipped with not only high-performance options which enable measurement of environment air and various gases (LPG/LNG, flue gas, etc.) in various matrices, but also a newly developed optical system as standard so that it can prevent loss of precious samples, thus, you can measure from low to high concentrations with this equipment of which measurement range is automatically set.

The sample gas is collected into the mercury collector tube, and the tube is placed in the heating furnace of the WA-5F to start measuring. Mercury vaporized due to high temperature heating is scrubbed and dehumidified. Then, the mercury is collected as gold amalgam in the mercury collector tube for re-purification. This tube is re-heated to obtain atomic mercury of which concentration is measured by atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. (*).

Also, you can directly inject the sample using a gas-tight syringe.

(*) Argon gas must be prepared.

Newly developed technology

By adopting newly developed technology, new functions are added to this model.

  • The automatic sample changer dedicated to mercury collector tubes (for 30 samples) makes analysis efficient.
  • By using a new optical system, you can measure from low to high concentrations (up to 1,000ng) with this equipment of which measurement range is automatically set.
  • Ultra-high sensitivity measurement with detection lower limit of 0.1pg is achieved.
  • You can measure samples directly from Tedlar® Bags or from high pressure gas cylinders.


Mercury collector furnance part Scrubber and Dehumidifier Electronic (Peltier) Cooling (optional)
Mercury collector furnance Heat up to 700°C
Filter (1) Gold filter
Filter (2) Activated carbon filter
Pump Diaphragm Air Pump
Flow rate 0.1~1.0L/min (Digital Mass Flow Controller)
Detector part Principle Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Light source Low pressure Mercury discharge lamp
Wavelength 253.7nm
Detectors Photo tube
Carrier Gas Purified Argon (99.995% or better)
Detection Limit <0.1pg
Working range 0.0001~1000ng
LOW Mode (0~10ng),
HIGH Mode (10ng~1,000ng) selectable
Display Peak wave shape, Calibration curve, Measuring condition, Measuring results, Error message etc
Communication Ethernet
Power supply AC100~240V±5%, 50/60Hz, 170VA
Installation dimensions W230 x D460 x H390 (WA-5 unit only)
Weight 13 kg (WA-5 unit only)

Applications, Test methods

  Applications AAS Methods
Gas analysis Ambient air, Working environment air, Fuel gas, Natural Gas, Shale Gas, LPG and more. ASTM D6350; ISO 6978, ISO 20552, USEPA IO-5
Reduction vaporization Drinking Water, River water, Sea Water, Waste water, Digested Liquid and more. USEPA 245.7; 1631e; ISO 17852;