ZSX Primus III+

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Tube-above wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

High performance WDXRF for rapid quantitative elemental analysis

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Rigaku ZSX Primus III+ delivers rapid quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements, from oxygen (O) through uranium (U), in a wide variety of sample types — with minimal standards.

Tube above optics for superior reliability

ZSX Primus III+ features an innovative optics-above configuration. Never again worry about a contaminated beam path or down time due to sample chamber maintenance. The optics-above geometry eliminates cleaning worries and increases up time.

High precision sample positioning

The high precision positioning of the sample ensures that the distance between the sample surface and X-ray tube is kept constant. This is important for applications that require high precision, such as the analysis of alloys. ZSX Primus III+ performs high-precision analysis using a unique optical configuration designed to minimize errors caused by non-flat surfaces in samples such as fused beads and pressed pellets

SQX fundamental parameters with EZ-scan software

EZ-scan allows users to analyze unknown samples without any prior setup. This time saving feature requires only a few clicks of the mouse and a sample name to be entered. Combined with SQX fundamental parameters software, it provides the most accurate and rapid XRF results possible. SQX is capable of automatically correcting for all matrix effects, including line overlaps. SQX can also correct for secondary excitation effect by photoelectrons (light and ultra-light elements), varying atmospheres, impurities and different sample sizes. Increased accuracy is achieved using matching library and perfect scan analysis programs.


  • Analysis of elements from O to U
  • Tube above optics minimizes contamination issues
  • Small footprint uses less valuable lab space
  • High precision sample positioning
  • Special optics reduce errors caused by curved sample surfaces
  • Software tools for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Evacuation and vacuum leak rates can be optimized for throughput

ZSX Primus III+ specifications

  Elemental coverage ₈O through ₉₂U
  Optics Wavelength dispersive, sequential, tube above
X-ray generator
  X-ray tube End window, Rh-anode, 3kW, 60kV
  HV power supply High frequency inverter, ultra-high stability
  Cooling Internal water-to-water heat exchanger
  Sample changer 48 positions standard
  Maximum sample size 51 mm (diameter) by 30 mm (high)
  Sample rotation speed 30 rpm
  Primary X-ray filters Al25, Al125, Ni40 and Ni400
  Beam collimators 4 auto-selectable diameters: 35, 30, 20 and 10 mm
  Divergence slit 3 auto-selectable: standard, high, and coarse (optional) resolutions
  Receiving slit For SC and for F-PC detectors
  Goniometer θ – 2θ independent drive mechanism
  Angular range SC: 5-118°, F-PC: 13-148°
  Angular reproducibility Ultra-high precision
  Continuous scan 0.1 – 240°/min
  Crystal changer 10 crystals, automatic mechanism
  Vacuum system High-speed system
Detector systems
  Heavy element detector Scintillation counter (SC)
  Light element detector Flow proportional counter (F-PC)
  Attenuator In-out automatic exchanger (1/10)